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Our partners offer undergraduate and post graduate courses in nearly all the subjects international students’ want to study.

Course includes:

  • These courses include (but are not limited to)
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Arts & humanities, Business Management
  • Sciences, Engineering
  • Medicine, Law
  • Computing and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Our partners offer 3 years undergraduate degree programmes as well as 4 year programmes for those who want to gain a year of work experience.

There a number of opportunities for studying abroad (in another country outside of UK) thus providing an opportunity to learn and experience in an international settings. 

The UK offers a one year Masters programme in most academic subjects. Postgraduate Taught Master programmes are particularly popular among most international students.

English Language Courses

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A-Level / Further Education

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Pre-Master Programmes

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More coming soon

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UKGEM is run by a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge of Higher Education in UK together with vast experience of life in UK.

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